Showcookings presented by Bepi Pucciarelli

Kilometer zero Musetto and Brovada

Saturday 26th October - 1 pm
€ 15,00

The Brovada has starred in Ein Prosit a couple of times over the past twenty years; the first in 2010, to celebrate the obtained PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Return again this year - in accordance with the proverb of no two without three - obviously accompanied by the inseparable muset.
A film already seen then. Not at all. The news of 2019 lies in the producer: Giuliano Avoledo's farm, from Spilimbergo. A model company, with a "closed-cycle" pig-farming, from birth to processing into delicious cold cuts. The production of Brovada is also theirs. Brovade and Muset (and not only ...) then at kilometer zero, which will be proposed and narrated by Giuliano and his son Mauro.

Valley mullet and lagoon grasses

Saturday 26th October - 5 pm
€ 15,00

The fish of valley is present in the list of Traditional Agri-food Products of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In its own right, since the vallicoltura has been present in the lagoons of the Upper Adriatic for at least a thousand years. With the most prized species in the valley, the mullet has its habitat. It is one of the species for which it is appropriate to increase consumption because it is linked to tradition and because valley farming, by its nature, allows a sustainable harvest. For mullet taken from the Valle del Lovo by Gianluca Zanutta, the chef Giorgio Dal Forno combined his amazing lagoon herbs. You will judge the result!

The spices (and not only) of Casa Oberrichter

Sunday 27th October - 1 pm
€ 15,00

Ein Prosit has given a lot to Malborghetto in the last twenty years; but the reverse is also true. Among the main success factors, in addition to the prestigious location of Palazzo Veneziano, it is certainly worth mentioning Casa Oberrichter. Welcoming workshop site, but also an "enchanted place", which leaves young and old alike open-mouthed. After having hosted (in his kitchen as well as in the dining room) the chefs of Ein Prosit for many years, it seemed right to have Alessio Nicolavcich Gioitti (chef of the Oberrichter house and classical musician) as guest at the first Udine edition of Ein Prosit. Even the theme we entrusted to him - that of spices - is part of the magic of Casa Oberrichter.

Friulian trout and a... Furlano chef!

Sunday 27th October - 5 pm
€ 15,00

It is written Friulian trout, it is pronounced ... Friultrota: the San Daniele company, founded almost half a century ago by Giuseppe Pighin, has the undisputed merit of having transformed this freshwater fish, of which our Region is the first producer nationally, in a gourmet delicacy.
For the return of Friultrota to Ein Prosit we asked for the collaboration of an excellent "themed" chef: his name is Marco Furlano and for a couple of years Pio Costantini has put him at the helm of the kitchen of his restaurant in Collalto di Tarcento. In his interpretation, we will be able to taste some of the Friultrota specialties, ranging from the historic "Regina" to the most recent novelties.

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