In the houses of Tarvisio's area, some families will host a chef for memorable nights.
With this idea, designed and organised in co-operation with Emanuele Scarello, Michelin's 2-star Chef of the Restaurant “Agli Amici” in Godia (UD), Ein Prosit wishes to suggest some unique moments for those ones who will be attending the evening, thus giving the opportunity to prepare the dinner closely with the chef as well as to cook it directly in the kitchen of a house.

Andrea Canton, Antonia Klugmann, Alessio Devidè, Attias Tarlao, Alessandro Cavagna, as well as Emanuele Scarello have often accepted to share with a close group of people the (mutual) pleasure of cooking in a familiar and friendly atmosphere. And the same will also be in the current edition of “Ein Prosit”!


Information and booking:
phone number: +39 0428 2392