Ein Prosit will be home to “Showcooking”, a yearly and a highly awaited appointment with our Region's and Italy's flavours, (re-)discovering combinations between the most significant dishes and wines of Italy.

There is a fixed and limited number of places available for the attendance of “Showcooking”, upon payment of an entrance fee (unless otherwise indicated). Hence, it it highly recommended to book “Flavour Workshops” in advance.


Room 1
11 am - Renato Grando: Trip to the peninsula of extra virgin olive oil
1 pm - Bepi Pucciarelli: Kilometer zero Musetto and Brovada 
3 pm - Renato Grando: The food of the Gods. History of cocoa and chocolate
5 pm - Bepi Pucciarelli: Valley mullet and lagoon grasses

Room 2
11 am - Bernardo Pasquali: The art of cheese aging according to Alessandro Carpenedo
1 pm - Alfonso Isinelli: Eggplant Parmesan
3 pm - Bernardo Pasquali: Bütir Man. Genius and recklessness of Italian dairy production
5 pm - Alfonso Isinelli: Blue cheeses

Room 1
11 am - Renato Grando: What polenta are you? The centuries-old history of corn in Italy
1 pm - Bepi Pucciarelli: The spices (and not only) of Casa Oberrichter
3 pm - Renato Grando: Mushrooms, "curious and mysterious" food since ever
5 pm - Bepi Pucciarelli: Friulian trout and a... Furlano chef!

Room 2
11 am - Bernardo Pasquali: Turisti per...Cacio!
1 pm - Alfonso Isinelli: Boiled meat
3 pm - Bernardo Pasquali: The dairy art of Montasio according to Vanni Micolini
5 pm - Alfonso Isinelli: Anchovy

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