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Eggplant Parmesan

Saturday 26th October - 1 pm
€ 15,00

An iconic dish of traditional Italian cuisine whose origins are disputed between Sicily, Campania and Emilia. Origins that most likely date back to the 18th century when the tomato, coming from America, established itself as an ingredient of common use.
On the basis of eggplant and tomato there are endless variations. What are the cheeses to use? Some use the ham, others the hard-boiled egg. And the healthiest use of the oven can be compared to the historical one of the fried eggplants? Not to mention a series of plant variations that have their own history. There is so much to discuss and taste.

Boiled meat

Saturday 26th October - 5 pm
€ 15,00

The preparation and presentation of boiled meat is a ritual that runs through the food culture of Northern Italy. Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia contend for its supremacy: each of these regions uses different meats: those who use only beef in different cuts, those who add pork, even in the form of sausage, some put the chicken. And then the side dishes from potatoes to mustards, from spinach to onions. Not to mention the classic service: the legendary trolley where the pieces kept warm are served separately. With the cup of broth at the end.
Then there is evolution, the step forward in the recipe. A meat cooked so long in water and aromas does not overreact? Here is the unboiled boiled, iconic dish of Massimo Bottura, that from the respect of the raw material builds a new fruition of the dish. A story of past, present and future all to be told.


Sunday 27th October - 1 pm
€ 15,00

The anchovy is one of the most common fish in the Atlantic Ocean. Poor fish par excellence is part of the food culture of many peoples starting from Italy and the Mediterranean countries. Not only eaten fresh, in fact: fried, baked in a cake tin, barbecued, to be part of jams and sauces but also marinated and, here we arrive until the times of ancient Rome, preserved in salt to be consumed in the cold seasons, without throw away the extract.
But which ones are the best? Today the indisputable quality of those coming from Spain and in particular from the Cantabrian Sea is in great vogue. But in Italy we are not far behind. Among Cetara, Menaica, Sciacca and Monterosso, just to name a few, we have a product that has nothing to envy from anyone.

Blue Cheeses

Sunday 27th October - 5 pm
€ 15,00

Many of the best things we taste arise from the observation of unwanted, but natural phenomena that are then understood and used in the production of products.
Take the case of blue cheeses: techniques for making some of the best and tastiest cheeses were born from the formation of mold in damp storage environments. Each of the most important countries in the dairy field produces known and refined products.
French Roquefort, Stilton and English Shropshire, Spanish Cabrales, Italian Gorgonzola. And together with these other small denominations have emerged. Perfect to be consumed in purity, perhaps with a red wine, they also have a culinary declination. Let's find out.

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