Bernardo Pasquali is Master of Taste of Cheese ONAF and he became one at the prestigious delegation of Bergamo, the province with the most DOP of Italy. He deals with communication and branding strategies for important companies in the Italian agri-food sector. He has distinguished himself as a journalist and writer with important Italian publishing groups. In 2009 he received the Poggi International Award for Journalism and Food and Wine Literature in Venice. Passionate communicator of made in Italy, for some years he has been scouting for shepherds, breeders, fishermen, winemakers and taste artisans. In this wandering up and down Italy, he was able to discover and reveal the true identity of the typical quality production, the excellence and rarities that courageous women and men carry out in their territories. His passion for cheese led him to hold numerous meetings and training courses on the subject, in addition to collaborating with numerous prestigious Italian companies and pastors who taught him the value of sacrifice and love for nature. He enthusiastically collaborates with Ein Prosit, bringing the best of Italian cheese production, trying to live forgotten ancestral emotions without losing sight of what innovative and contemporary this world can express with vivid intensity.