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Trip to the peninsula of extra virgin olive oil

Saturday 26th October - 11 am
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From sacred tree to omnipresent food in our daily diet, olive and oil have markedly marked the millennial history of our country, giving us a biodiversity of cultivar unique in the world. Also considered a medicinal plant, many are in fact its curative aspects, so many are the social events rich in anecdotes, curiosities, sacred and profane aspects that have enriched the traditions and the various ways of saying all along the peninsula.

The food of the Gods. History of cocoa and chocolate

Saturday 26th October - 3 pm
€ 15,00

The delicious history of chocolate and cocoa. Arriving from Central America with the voyages of Christopher Columbus and the first Spanish "conquistadores", he quickly gained a precious and "greedy" role in European gastronomy. Let's go back to the main phases, from the first trade with the Americas to today, of a food considered "irresistible" and which has no age among its admirers.

What polenta are you? The centuries-old history of corn in Italy

Sunday 27th October - 11 am
€ 15,00

A social journey through the history of corn, from the food of pre-Columbian populations to an irreplaceable cereal for many European populations, in particular in Northern Italy, where for centuries it has found its nutritional and gastronomic position. Pros and cons of a food that has made our daily history for a very long time and is still usually present on the tables.

Mushrooms, "curious and mysterious" food since ever

Sunday 27th October - 3 pm
€ 15,00

Mushrooms, from "mysterious object" to an always present food on the tables and that has attracted the interest of humanity since ancient times. We retrace their timeless history in what were the salient social and cultural aspects through beliefs, aversions, fears and addictions of a fascinating vegetable present in numerous testimonies in various popular cultures.

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