Palazzo Veneziano Malborghetto Room - 1
Tastings led by Enzo Vizzari

Mascarello Monprivato Vertical Tasting

Saturday, October, 20 - At 1.30 pm

€ 40,00

Mascarello's family has been involved in viticulture for over a century and a half; it has about 12 hectares of vineyards all located in the Barolo area. Nebbiolo has been for long the wine symbol and the most prized vine of the Langhe albese and, when it finds the right combination with a terroir of great vocation it can express itself to sublime levels in a wine, of strong personality, intensity of the perfumes, great velvety tannins and possibility of great evolution and durability.

This is the case of Monprivato, that, given the placement of the vineyard on white, limestone-limoso soil, rich in active limestone, micro and macro-elements, expresses a Barolo that has as peculiar characteristic, fine, intense and elegant aromas, a rich endowment of polyphenols with ample and velvety tannins, good complexity and length of taste, not intense, but alive anthocyanic endowment.


Vintages in tasting:

2013 - 2010 - 2009 - 2004 - 2001