Authentic and natural, like our best local wine, Luca Gardini is totally different from the common idea of the sommelier of past times. He brings about fresh and new ideas in a world (of wine) that is often disregarded or regarded as negative, even in Italy, homeland to some of the greatest and admired wines in the world. His own philosophy, as sommelier and wine lover, concentrates on key aspects: history, identity, passion and appreciation for the work. He owes a natural inclination for understanding wines and the precious ability to establish a dialogue with the products. A genuine spontaneity that is widely appreciated in the field. Thus, as he keeps on repeating, this dialogue and exchange it's possible  only with authentic wines, thanks to Mother Earth and human work, excluding the results of the industrial experimentation aimed at affecting the wine’s taste or hiding some ingredients. He never imposes his opinion and thoughts, but lets the audience free to express a judgment, after having “listen to” the wine. He asserts, “it’s not you, but the wine that talks to you.”