Fort Hensel Malborghetto - Room 3
Tastings let by Liliana Savioli

Ribolla Gialla, Oslavia's soul

Sunday, October, 21 - At 11.30
€ 20,00

We are in Gorizia Collio, in a place named Oslavia. Border land, tormented by the war but every time resurrected. Poor land, but rich of people with big dreams. This place gives a soul and identity to Ribolla Gialla using ancestral methods. Do you think We did it? We will find it out together tasting 7 different kinds of Ribolla Gialla, from different years and producers. The experience will go on with a tasting of an unique meal "pasta with Ribolla Gialla macerata", named Macino. We will find out the flavor, the differences while you cook it, and the particular consistence.

You will taste:

La Castellada
Dario Princic
Il Carpino