The main characteristic of “Guided Degustations” is to offer wine lovers, and especially the new ones, an opportunity to approach Italian and international quality wines, presented by wine experts. Thus, they can really appreciate the history, the characteristics and the peculiarities of the wines presented and of their producers.

There is a fixed and limited number of places available for the attendance of all “Guided Degustations”, upon payment of an entrance fee (unless otherwise indicated). So it is highly recommended to book the degustations in advance.

All “Guided Degustations” will be managed by the teachers and the students of the High School “Istituto Statale d'Istruzione Superiore Jacopo Linussio” from Tolmezzo.


Palazzo Veneziano - Room 1
At 11.30 - Sandro Sangiorgi: Carso e Collio
At 13.30 - Enzo Vizzari: Verticale Monprivato Mascarello
Ore 15.30 - Luca Gardini:
At 17.30 - Luca Gardini: Verticale Sassicaia SOLD OUT

Palazzo Veneziano - Room 2
At 11.30 - Armando Castagno: Marchand-Tawse, Clos Saint Denis
At 13.30 - Stefano Carpaneto: Verticale Solaia
At 15.00 - Armando Castagno: Indagine sul Terroir di Chassagne-Montrachet
Ore 17.30 - Gae Saccoccio: Gravner

Palazzo Veneziano
At 12.30 - ViniBuoni
At 15.30 - ViniBuoni
At 17.00 - ViniBuoni

Fort Hensel - Room 2
At - 15.30 - Gae Saccoccio: Sake
At - 17.30 - Nonino

Fort Hensel - Room 3
At 11.30 - Gianluca Castellano: Verticale Friulano Zegla Renato Keber 
At 13.30 - Liliana Savioli - 
At 15.30 - Paolo Ianna: Lis Neris e i Vini del Cuore
At 17.30 - Consorzio Prosecco:

Fort Hensel - Room 4
At 1.30 pm - Eugenio Signoroni: Il vino d’orzo, non solo un gioco di parole
At 5.30 pm - Eugenio Signoroni: I frutti di Montegioco

T.: +39 0428 2392

Palazzo Veneziano - Room 1
At 11.30 am - Sandro Sangiorgi: La cantina di Porthos
At  1.30 pm - Luca Gardini:
At  3.30 pm - Gae Saccoccio: Vino di mare, il mare nel vino
At  5.30 pm - Luca Gardini:


Palazzo Veneziano - Room 2
At 11.30 am - Alberto Lupetti: MC Ayala-Bollinger
At 1.30 pm - Francesco Annibali: I vini del Jura
At 3.30 pm - Alberto Lupetti: MC Vilmart
At 5.30 pm - Francesco Annibali: Raccontare l'attesa. Sherry, Porto, Madeira, Marsala

Palazzo Veneziano
At 12.30 pm - ViniBuoni
At 3.30 pm - ViniBuoni

Fort Hensel - Sala 2
At 5.30 pm - Nonino

Fort Hensel - Sala 3
At 11.30 am - Liliana Savioli: Ribolla Gialla, anima di Oslavia
At 3.30 pm - Paolo Ianna: Verticale Marco Felluga
At 5.30 pm - Consorzio Prosecco:


Fort Hensel - Sala 4
At 1.30 pm - Eugenio Signoroni: I Borgogna del Belgio, le red flemish ale
At 17.30 pm- Eugenio Signoroni: Una pinta di caffé

T.: +39 0428 2392


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Vini Buoni d'Italia

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