Francesco Saverio Russo

35 years old, native of the Marche region, Tuscan by adoption, "vineyards trotter" by vocation. He undertook a path of humanistic studies and then moved into the world of communication, at the age of 23 he entered the world of wine communication. He travels constantly to discover Italian and foreign terroirs with the spirit of those who have made wine their passion, their life and not just work. He likes to define his own communication a story "from the vineyard to the glass", the result of his wine-tasting wanderings that leads him constantly to the discovery of vineyards and cellars of every Italian area. It tells the story of the territories and the winemakers, passing through technical agronomic and oenological studies, without neglecting passionate tasting notes. Author of what has been considered in recent years the most followed independent Italian wine blog: It carries out agronomic studies, conducts unconventional masterclasses and tastings and moderates round tables and conferences dedicated to the most current wine and food themes such as global warming, biodiversity and the enhancement of lesser-known areas and vines.